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It all started because a housewife loved to cook and an army officer was looking towards a new career in the restaurant business. Harinder Mohini and Col. Anant Bir Singh together started the first outlet in 1979. She, with her culinary skills and he, with his administrative finesse, soon had a flourishing fast food business that had people queuing up for an empty table. Their endeavor was to provide their guests the best in food and make their visit memorable at any of their locations. This dedication and hard work put in by the founders and the continual efforts to follow up on that standard by the Col's able sons, has now made the group a regional brand in North India.

Hot Millions, started by Col AB Singh and his wife 33 years ago, has expanded and consolidated its position as the most popular food experience with the younger generation as well as the older crowd in the Northern region of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. With 33 years of experience, 10 properties spread over 3 states Hot Millions can depend on their loyal customers who are not just proud to support the "first homegrown fast food experience in Chandigarh" but also swear by their signature kathi kebabs, pizzas, burgers and shakes. When India had not yet been hit by the food revolution with the burger/fries/shake concept, Hot Millions was making their presence felt by offering just that in Chandigarh in 1979. It took the city and its neighbouring areas by storm. Col AB Singh was a visionary with a purpose. His passion was food and to bring the best to the people was his purpose.

The Hot millions brand is associated with great family time – great ambience, great food and great deals to fit every pocket. In time, the Colonel's sons, Mohanbir, Amanbir and Rajbir decided to take on the fine dining competition as well and opened Salad Bar, ABs and Oriental Lounge in Chandigarh.This was followed by Boutique hotel - Hotel AB's 17 in Chandigarh. Hot Millions also opened Franchise Outlets in Chandigarh and Mohali.

Hot Millions has tied up for a joint venture with a company in the United States called Earthen Grill Inc. to provide its culinary and management expertise in the United States of America. One restaurant in New Jersey is already operational and the other one in New York started operations from June 2007. Please visit the websites listed below for details.

With the expansion which has happened over a short period of 15 years, Hot Millions is no longer just the " homegrown" food chain. The name is now associated with a plethora of restaurants in India and in the US, fast food, fine dining, hotels, franchising, and much more.

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