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'Raaz' , literally means a secret. At Raaz we unlock the secrets of the age-old Indian cuisine and present them for your indulgence. Raaz.is the name christened for Hot Millions Joint Ventures first outlet, in Newport, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a dining experience at Raaz, it will create memories that linger in your mind forever. The modern restaurant is located at Newport, where the great food, picturesque surroundings and reasonable prices make for a place that is trendy, unique and exciting. Ultra-hip ambience, casual urban atmosphere and the traditional and authentic Indian menu flavours assures a complete and fine dining experience.

Raaz delivers the same flavors as in the age old Indian way of cooking in earthen pots, where the fresh fragrance of soil and exotic aroma of various herbs and spices combined to form an excellent culinary experience.

Newport Office Center IV,537 Washington Blvd,Jersey City, NJ 07310
Tel: 201-533-0111, 201-533-0111

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