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Office & Home Delivery

Get set for some exotic and mouthwatering vegetarian delicacies prepared fresh and segregated from the non-vegetarian section. Let your imagination run wild and choose from an array of veg products for a fulfilling bite. You'll savour the taste, long after the meal is finished. Wanna bet?

When you eat at HM, take for granted the taste and quality of the numerous non-vegetarian items on the menu. Committed to treat you to the most hygienic and tasty non-vegetarian dishes, HM boasts of a special non-vegetarian menu, specially developed keeping in mind Indian tastes and preferences.

*All items available on prior order. Large quantities of marked items also available on prior order. Discount on all Bakery items from 10 pm to close (*till stocks last, not valid in conjunction with any other offer). Other conditions apply.

Prices are subject to change from time to time. Taxes extra as applicable. Free Delivery for order above Rs. 350/-. Less than Rs 350/-, add Rs.35/- for delivery expenses.

+91-172-2723333 & +91-172-4602600

+91-172-2579888 & +91-172-4648888


Salad Bar (Separate Menu)

HM 1 SCO 74-75, Sector 17-D, Chd.
Ph: +91-172-2723222, 4602614

HM Panchkula DDS No 310 Sector-9, Panchkula.
Ph: +91-172-2579888, 4602645

Pizzas Vegetarian Price
Margherita Pizza 339/-
Cheese Cap Onion Pizza 399/-
Cheese Cap Onion Paneer Pizza 425/-
Vegi Vegi Pizza 465/-
Veg Extravaganza 549/-
Paneer Tikka Pizza 519/-
Alla Verdure Pizza 529/-

Pizzas Non-Vegetarian Price
Chilly Chicken Pizza 525/-
Chicken Onion Cheese Pizza 525/-
Chicken Tikka Pizza 525/-
Non Veg Extravaganza 615/-
Pepperoni Pizza 575/-
Chicken Pepperochini Pizza 575/-

Vegetarian Burgers Price
Eco Burger Veg 145/-
Vegi Burger 185/-
Vegi Cheese Burger 195/-
HM's Original Vegi Burger 195/-
Paneer Burger 219/-
Jumbo Veg. Burger With Cheese 229/-

Non-Vegetarian Burgers Price
Eco Burger Non Veg 155/-
Chicken Burger 199/-
Chicken Burger with Cheese 215/-
Chicken Fillet Burger with Cheese 225/-
Chicken in a Bun with Cheese 225/-
Yankee Burger (Mutton) 245/-
BBQ Grilled Chicken Burger 235/-
Jumbo Burger with Cheese Chicken 245/-
Jumbo Burger with Cheese Mutton 349/-
HM's Gourmet Chicken Burger 249/-
HM's Gourmet Mutton Burger 295/-
Chicken Bacon Cheese Burger 295/-
Mutton Bacon Cheese Burger 329/-

Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs Price
Veg Hot Dog 190/-
Chicken Hot Dog 205/-
Barbeque Weiner Hot Dog 235/-

Kathi Kebabs
Kathi Kebabs Price
Potato Masala Kathi Kebab 219/-
Egg Kathi Kebab 219/-
Paneer Kathi Kebab 239/-
Paneer Double Mazza Kathi 299/-
Chicken Kathi Kebab 249/-
Chicken Double Mazza Kathi 310/-
Mutton Kathi Kebab 279/-
Mutton Double Mazza Kathi 339/-

Value Meal
Value Meals Price
Pasta Alfredo 269/-
Pasta Fresh Basil & Tomato Sauce 269/-
Monster French Fries (Plain) 285/-
Monster Fries Masala/Cheesy 345/-
Paneer Naan with Gravy & Salad 315/-
Keema Naan with Gravy & Salad 349/-
Rajmah Chawal 259/-
Kadhi Chawal 259/-
Chicken Curry with Rice 399/-
Chicken Nuggets 259/-
Pao Bhaji with Salad 259/-

Sandwiches Price
Vegi Sandwich (Cold) 210/-
Chicken Sandwich (Cold) 249/-
Grilled Tomato Cheese Sandwich 239/-
Paneer Tikka Grilled Cheese Sandwich 265/-
Grilled Chicken & Cheese Sandwich 319/-
Mushroom Cheese & Grilled Sandwich 249/-

Chinese Price
Chowmein Chicken 325/-
Chowmein Egg 309/-
Chowmein Veg. 299/-
Chilli Chicken Boneless (Dry Gravy) 410/-
Chilli Paneer (Dry Gravy) 399/-
Manchurian Veg. 355/-
Manchurian Chicken 425/-
Garlic Chicken Boneless 419/-
Veg. Fried Rice 325/-
Chicken Fried Rice 339/-
Veg. Spring Rolls 320/-
Non-Veg. Spring Rolls 339/-
Veg. Choupsey 335/-
Crispy Chilly Potato 319/-
American Choupsey 375/-

Sizzlers Price
Chinese Veg Sizzler 449/-
Chinese Chicken Sizzler 459/-
Veg Sizzler 449/-
Chicken Sizzler 459/-

Soups Price
Veg Sweet Corn 199/-
Chicken Sweet Corn 209/-
Manchow Soup (Chicken) 209/-
Manchow Soup (Veg) 199/-
Hot & Sour (Veg.) 199/-
Hot & Sour (Chicken) 209/-
Tomato Soup (Veg) 189/-

Indian & Tandoor
Vegetarian Price
Paneer Mint Tikka 375/-
Dal Makhani 265/-
Tomato Paneer 375/-
Kadhai Paneer 385/-
Vegetable Korma 339/-
Plain Rice 175/-
Veg Thali 309/-
Veg Deluxe Thali 339/-
Paneer Naan with Gravy & Salad 315/-

Non-Vegetarian Price
Tandoori Chicken Half 375/-
Tandoori Chicken Full 625/-
Chicken Kadhai 369/-
Butter Chicken 369/-
Chicken Curry 365/-
Chicken Tikka 369/-
Chicken Malai Tikka 369/-
Thali (Non Veg) 325/-
Non Veg Deluxe Thali 345/-

Indian Breads
Roti/Naan/Parantha Price
Tandoori Roti 49/-
Tandoori Parantha 75/-
Naan 85/-
Butter Naan 95/-

Biryani Price
Veg Biryani with Gravy 455/-
Chicken Biryani with Gravy 475/-

T & C Apply

Taxes Extra

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